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Othervoid marks the prog-metal quartet's most bludgeoning, infectious and ambitious album to date. Brothers Matt LoCoco (vocals/guitar) and Mike LoCoco (drums) are joined by new members Bryan Rolli (guitars/vocals) and live Panopticon violinist Charlie Anderson (bass) cementing the band's definitive lineup.


"Another Wasted Life was a great collaborative exercise in building a song backward. Charlie first presented the gnarled outro riff, which we offset with the slower, grinding riffs that make up the bulk of the song. Austin has a robust doom metal scene, and the first half of the song is a nod to that. Factor in the melodic choruses and thrashy, double-bass ending, and it’s a great sampler of Transit Method’s unique strengths."

"Psychometry is about uncovering mystery using the supernatural. It explores how curiosity can lead to painful truths, like in the realization that it’s all too late and nothing can change the past. We must accept whatever reality we face."

"I wrote ‘Frostbite’ in one fell swoop during the infamous winter storm that devastated Texas in February 2021. I remember sitting in my room, looking out the window, thinking about the millions of people without electricity, water, or food — some literally freezing to death in single-digit temperatures — and how it all could have been easily avoided. I felt frustrated and angry, but mostly helpless at the fact that there was nothing I could do to help anyone. I channeled those emotions into the music and lyrics. Once I presented it to the band, we all felt it was something special. We took care in fine-tuning the final arrangement together and consider it the centerpiece of Othervoid." - Matt LoCoco

"A powerfully epic combination of punk, metal, and dynamic vocals calling to mind some of the more truly epic moments of
Jane's Addiction's 'Ritual de lo Habitual.'" - PunkNews

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