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Transit Method is a heavy rock group from Austin, TX that brings together the complexities of progressive rock with the unrefined grit of grunge and metal. On their latest record Othervoid, longtime singer/guitarist Matt LoCoco and drummer Mike LoCoco are joined by second guitarist/vocalist Bryan Rolli and bassist (and Panopticon violinist) Charlie Anderson, cementing the band’s definitive lineup.


Othervoid marks the prog-metal quartet’s most bludgeoning and ambitious album to date. The seven tracks show the breadth of the band’s songwriting. The punk-metal riffs and dueling guitars on “Psychometry” evoke Mutoid Man and Iron Maiden, while the vocal harmonies and trad-metal gallop of “The Outside” recall Mastodon and Thin Lizzy. The album reaches its astonishing climax on “Frostbite,” a shapeshifting, nine-minute epic inspired by the 2021 freeze that left millions of Texans stranded at home without power and claimed hundreds of lives.

Othervoid is the result of years of turmoil and triumph. With their future uncertain, Transit Method charged into the eye of the storm and emerged on the other side with the strongest album of their career. The path was challenging, unpredictable and exhilarating — just like Othervoid.


The band has performed across the United States in over 25 cities, including events such as the F1 Festival, and have shared the stage with the likes of The Sword, Consider The Source, Warish, Rishloo, Scorpion Child, Hikes. "As a single touchstone that naturally can’t capture everything the band is about, I reckon if you dig Jupiter-era Cave In you’ll probably like Transit Method a lot." (MetalSucks)

"I reckon if you dig Jupiter-era Cave In you’ll probably like Transit Method a lot." - MetalSucks


Like a lot of Brutal Panda stuff, this is proggy post-hardcore with tech-y riffs
and soaring vocals (think Mars Volta, Fall of Troy, Protest the Hero, etc),
and the performance video (titled "Mutants") does a fine job of
showing off this band's chops.

Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

"Transit Method are scratching an itch I didn’t even know I had.

[They] mix metal and grunge with a healthy dose of prog — an odd time signature here with a fleet-fingered bass line there — for an ear-grabbing four-minute tune that’s both tantalizingly complex and catchy.
Vince Neilstein, Metal Sucks

“Transit Method have taken their sound further into the grunge realm by adding a dash of thrash while always maintaining their prog edge.”
New Noise Magazine

"The result ends up calling to mind former Brutal Panda labelmates Wild Throne, but with scorching guitar solos in place of spazzy vocal freakouts. It’s really fucking rad, if you ask us (and you’re reading this… so you did).


"... loud and heavy just the way I like it, blending progressive rock elements with heavy metal sensibilities. It’s like if Rush and The Mars Volta had a badass rock baby. It’s awesome. Trust me ... go see them.​"  

Kelly Cleveland,


Photos by Tess Cagle and Dom Martinez

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