Transit Method is a hard rock trio from Austin, TX. "A powerfully epic combination of punk, metal, and dynamic vocals calling to mind some of the more truly epic moments of Jane's Addiction's 'Ritual de lo Habitual," says Punk News. 

Transit Method made their name known with the release of the Celebrate Mutations in 2014. A music video was released for "Artificial Genesis" and songs like "Radioface" and "Root Rot" became live favorites. In 2016, the addition of Danny Borja (bass) secured the lineup and they released Roach on Basement Avatar Records, soon followed by a summer tour of the south.

In 2017, the trio returned to the studio to record the full length album We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive. The album was released on Brutal Panda Records in August 2017 and they embarked on a fall tour up the west coast to support it. The combination of heavy, progressive and grunge elements was well received... "it's really fucking rad" said MetalSucks. "They made a lot of new fans that night with their energetic, frenetic sound that's hard to classify," wrote a Seattle blogger. The trio is currently working on material for a new record. Check back for updates! 

We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive | Available now on Brutal Panda Records: CD/LP + Digital


"think Soundgarden, Rush and Jane’s Addiction having a lovechild."

- Pure Grain Audio

"This trio is loud and heavy just the way I like it, blending progressive rock elements with heavy metal sensibilities. It’s like if Rush and The Mars Volta had a badass rock baby. It’s awesome. Trust me ... go see them.​"  

- Kelly Cleveland,

“These two songs are aggressive and showcase the great songwriting that Transit Method is capable of, hopefully making way for a stellar full-length in the future."  - The Prelude Press

“Roach offers a fresh and new sonic approach for Transit Method having taken their sound further into the grunge realm by adding a dash of thrash while always maintaining their prog edge.”  - New Noise Magazine

"As you listen... It has a nice grungy feel to it and with a little influence of thrash here and there… a little punk influence."  - Ignite Music

"The mostly instrumental songs on ​Celebrate Mutations ​flow seamlessly from one track to the next, fusing grunge, progressive rock, and heavy metal into something quite enjoyable and at times melodic."  - Henry Schneider, Expose Online

"The two songs on “Roach” are well crafted and well performed.  The lyrics are easily understood and the music is less discordant than some of the power-rock bands performing today."  - Talk Nerdy To Us

"The power-triad’s new record features more elements than are on the periodic table; dexterous vocals, lacerating licks, walloping basslines, eccentric arrangements and complex rhythms. Their live performance is as dynamic as it is galvanizing."  - Donny Rodriguez,

"Transit Method impressed as one of those bands that has something for everyone.Their mix of rock, alternative and progressive is polished and perfected. You can understand their lyrics and the musicianship is extraordinary."  

- Keith Hannaleck,

Photo by Jake Villarreal // @thejakevillarreal



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Austin, TX

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