THE MADNESS - Front Cover - digital web.

"The Madness" is out now

on Brutal Panda Records.

We had a ton of song ideas when we started writing The Madness and the bass groove for “Scarred and Petrified” immediately resonated with us. The song developed around the bass with a thick backbeat in the drums, strong vocal melody, and Jim Ward-esque chord progression on the guitar. It became an early favorite and an obvious choice for our first single and video.

On “Drag the Ghouls,” the band’s latest single, Transit Method mix the aforementioned metal and grunge with a healthy dose of prog — an odd time signature here with a fleet-fingered bass line there — for an ear-grabbing four-minute tune that’s both tantalizingly complex and catchy. Take that, single-genre bands! As a single touchstone that naturally can’t capture everything the band is about, I reckon if you dig Jupiter-era Cave In you’ll probably like Transit Method a lot.
- Vince Neilstein,

Like a lot of Brutal Panda stuff, this is proggy post-hardcore with tech-y riffs and soaring vocals (think Mars Volta, Fall of Troy, Protest the Hero, etc), and the performance video (titled "Mutants") does a fine job of showing off this band's chops. 
- Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

"A powerfully epic combination of punk, metal, and dynamic vocals calling to mind some of the more truly epic moments of Jane's Addiction's 'Ritual de lo Habitual.'" - PunkNews